*** Frynds IRC Network ***

Server: irc.frynds.com

Ports: 6661 thru 7000

* Frynds mIRC Easy Setup ~ Click Here
"Automatically Installs" and puts you directly into the Lynyrd Skynyrd Chatroom

Download mIRCef
"Automatically Installs" to our server using version mIRC 5.81
(Save to your desktop)

Link to irc.frynds.com Click Here

Directions to Install Basic mIRC Click Here

Link to mIRC Scripts, Help Files and sites with alot of info Click Here


Here's a few basic commands that will be helpful:

/join #channelname: Joins a channel...(/join #cry4badman)
/list : Shows list of open channels/rooms
/Part #channelname: Leaves a channel...(/part #cry4badman)
/me : Narrative action and shows in red text...(/me digs Lynyrd Skynyrd)

WHAT IS IRC? ~ Some Would Say An Addiction...

IRC is GREAT if you enjoy chatting! IRC is short for Internet Relay Chat. Basically it is a Realtime Chat program. IRC offers a world-wide-user chat network, many people from all over the world can meet and talk to each other in public channels also called rooms, or privately. People can participate in real time discussions, and the number of topics covered on IRC is endless. Depending on the channel/room you choose, on IRC you'll meet people with the same ideas and interests, and making frynds/friends for life is not unusual.

Connecting To IRC

To connect to an IRC network you'll need a small chat program (IRC Clients), mIRC and pIRCh are the most popular ones. mIRC is the shareware IRC client made for Windows. It offers a fast and clean interface to IRC and it is well equipped with options.


When you have an IRC client installed, the first time you open it a setup dialogue box will appear. In order to connect to you will need to fill in all the fields. Here is the information you will need:

Full Name: We recommend you use your chatname

E-Mail: Enter your Email address here. We recommend useing an alternate email such as Hotmail or Yahoo

Nickname: Enter the name you wish to be known as on IRC

Alternative: In case your nickname is in use, what do you wish you be known as

The next step in connecting to the server is to go to the "Add" button you see on the setup window, and inside it you will need to fill out these options:

Description: Frynds
IRC Server: irc.frynds.com
Port: 6667-7000

After you have these filled out, press the "Add" button and then press the
Connect button to connect to Frynds.com