Welcome To Skynyrd Chat!

    The Lynyrd Skynyrd Chatroom is open 24/7, however, you will find most "Frynds" chatting in the evenings and at nyte. So if you stop by, and no one is chatting, be sure to check back again!

    If this page does not re-direct you to our
    Skynyrd Chatroom
    Click this link:

    Skynyrd Chat

    * Command Help For New Chatters *
    (Type command in text box in the chatroom)
    /nick (newnick)
    To change your nickname
    Shows list of available chat channels
    /join #channelname
    Join channel of your choice
    /part #channelname
    Leave channel you are in
    /privmsg nickname your_message_here
    Sends a private message to nickname typed

    Some people you can privmsg questions:
    Pan51 -- Server Administrator
    Wailer -- IRC Op

    Please read the Message of the Day (motd) that scrolls by when you connect, the motd contains important information and rules about Frynds Chat Server